Grove Collaborative Review

I try to use natural based products in my home. I was originally introduced to the idea that you can keep a healthy and clean home when I discovered DōTERRA. Unfortunately, DōTERRA doesn’t make everything I need to keep my home as clean as possible.

Last year I saw advertisements about a company called Grove Collaborative. The company offers natural and environmentally friendly products for your home. Their mission is as follows:

Our mission is to inspire every family to create and sustain a healthy, beautiful home. Together, we can bring sustainability, safety, and transparency to an industry long dominated by products laden with harmful chemicals that put profit before consumer and environmental health.

I got their mission straight off their website. And their mission is deff something I can get behind.

For $20 a year you can have a membership. The membership opens the door to discounted products and a monthly shipment of products you need! Think of it like joining a Wholesale club. You pay a yearly fee to be a member and then you’re given access to wonderful products!!!

My husband and I were talking about how we can better take care of our home. Specifically, our septic system. You see, a septic system pretty much is double tank where all our sewage waste goes. In our home, this tank is located underground at the end of our driveway. Every time waste goes down the drain in our home, it goes into this massive tank. In the first part of the tank, solids like human waste and toilet paper sinks to the bottom, and in the other part “dirty” water drains into. Eventually your tank drains into a drainage field. For us, this drainage field is the woods.

So it got us thinking, if we are putting chemicals down our drains…. then those chemicals are eventually going into the woods!!! Not to mention that chemicals disrupt the balance of good bacteria in the tanks that help break down the “solids”.

So we decided to make the leap and switch all of our cleaning products to environmentally friendly products!!!

Grove Collaborative helped us to do that! It’s very easy and convenient to set up a customizable order that I pay for and gets shipped to me every month. Not to mention all the fun free gifts Grove sends out occasionally too!!!

For my first order I got ELEVEN products for $24!!!!!! Yep. ELEVEN PRODUCTS. Which is amazing because when I buy that many products at, say Walmart or Target, I’m easily paying $80.

I’m officially hooked on Grove. And I hope that maybe you could be too! If you would like to give Grove a try, they offer a free gift with purchase for your first order and a trial of their VIP membership. Just click Here!!!!!

Want to see EVERYTHING I got in my first grove order! I did a YouTube Haul which you can view Right here!

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