My Top 5 Shows to Stream.

What to watch on Netflix, and Prime?

Fall is coming and with that we have the tendency to want to linger inside a bit more. We like to cozy up on our couches, drink warm apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes, eat gooey pastries, and watch some wholesome television. With just about every single genre of  available to us at our fingertips, it can be a bit difficult to sort through it all and decide what to watch.

If you’re anything like us, sometimes you’ll sit down to watch something and then spend an hour trying to agree on something! Well, fortunately I have narrowed down a nice list of five shows my husband and I return to time and time again.


1. Call The Midwife – Netflix

Ok, so this first show might be something I watch more than my husband watches. Being that I am a birth doula I find this show to be very fascinating. This show is very accurate in its depictions of childbirth and the era in which it takes place. This show will have you crying more often than not. So if you like a program that pulls at your heartstrings and leaves you feeling good, this might be it.

2. Downton Abbey – PBS Passport and Amazon Prime

Did you know that if you donate $5.00 a month to your local PBS station you can stream ALL of their shows. Just about every show that has ever aired on PBS is at your fingertips. Don’t worry though, Downton Abbey is available on Amazon Prime. Fun fact: I actually modeled my wedding around season 6 of Downton Abbey! This show is just one of those REALLY REALLY good shows. The story is captivating, timeless, and just transports you into a different world for a while. The story of the Grantham Family who reside in Downton Abbey kicks off just before World War I. I won’t give too much away, but if you enjoy shows with multiple captivating story lines, witty dialogue, and some romance, check this show out.

3. Great British Baking Show – Netflix

My husband might be slightly upset that I am openly admitting this; but he LOVES Great British Baking Show. This is a competition baking show unlike any you have ever seen. Unlike other popular cooking shows that focus on dramatics and storylines and tears and  chaos; this show just focuses on what’s important. BAKING. GBBS approached the competition in a very British way and it just leaves you feeling comforted and inspired to start baking yourself.

4. Our Planet – Netflix

If we just want to turn something on to turn something on, we usually gravitate towards a nature documentary. Right now we are working our way through Netflix’s Our Planet. We are always left in awe over nature! So if you just want to relax and watch some animals frolic on your television, click on Our Planet.

5. The Big Catch – Netflix

Ok… so this show for sure is my Husband’s show, but I enjoy it too! This is another no frills competition show where the show focuses only on the task at hand. Which is fishing. The show is like a fishing version of Great British Baking Show, only it takes some of the best hobby fishermen and women around the world, testing their skills. If you’ve never watched competitive fishing before, check out this show, it is interesting for sure.

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