My Current Favorite “Clean” Products

Early last year I made the decision to start switching over many of my cosmetic products to “cleaner” alternatives. I chose to do this after learning that many of the ingredients found commonly amongst popular cosmetics can be harmful to your body. In recent decades there has been growing concerns that a lot of the chemicals found in our skin care, soaps, and body lotions could be linked to hormonal problems, infertility, and some cancers. So after doing some research I decided to make the switch to cleaner products that do not have those harmful chemicals.

What are those harmful chemicals?

The list is long and lengthy, but here are the ones that I have made a conscious decision to avoid:



Polyethylene Glycol


Artificial Fragrance



Mineral Oil

Here is what is Currently On my Shelf:

Now some of these products could be “cleaner”, but I do have to work within my budget. Often Clean products are more expensive. Do you use clean products? If so Follow me on Instagram and let me know what your favorite clean products are!

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