If They Turned my Book Into A Movie…

Back in 2015 I published my novel Wildflowers; and it has been some time since I’ve talked about it here on my blog!

What is my Novel about?

I started writing my novel when I was sixteen or seventeen years old. I remember the moment the idea came to mind. I was sitting in my eleventh grade history class and we were learning about the Black Plague that swept through Europe in the Middle Ages.

My mind got to wandering during the lesson and I began to wonder: what would happen if a plague like that happened in modern times?

So off I went with my idea. I started several versions of the story before settling on the final draft in which the following happens:

An epidemic has broken out. The disease spreads faster than wildfire, and leaves nothing but destruction in it’s path. Society is in an uproar, with the human population dwindling, what remains of the government acts to keep what is left of society alive. Silence sets in, enveloping every town, city, and village. In the large city of Baltimore, Mona Lancaster faces loneliness, isolation, starvation, and disease every single day. With little hope, her chances of survival seem very low. She reaches her lowest points of survival on more than one occasion. With the help of a beloved friend, Mona works to survive. Her decisions bring her to a sanctuary where she has the chance to live, survive, and thrive. Yet, there are so many questions to be answered.

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Meet the Characters

When I was a teenager I often wondered what it would be like if my book was turned into a movie. Who would play my characters? Back then I compiled a list of actors and actresses whom I thought would play my characters perfectly. Over the years I have made some adjustments. As of February 2020 here is my cast:

Lilly Collins as Mona Lancaster.

Mona is our main character. It is through Mona’s eyes that we see our story transpire. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland; Mona finds that the events of our story uproots her and takes her on a journey of survival and maturity.

Johnny Flynn as Connor Wilde

Connor Wilde is another one of our main characters, and Mona’s love interest. Connor is a country boy from the north. He was raised to be a hard worker and to care tenderly and diligently for his family. He has a strong sense of duty, a strong moral compass, and a devotion to doing what is right.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Poppy Holland

Life was never the kindest to Poppy, even before the epidemic of our story begins. Poppy has always had to fight for herself, both literally and figuratively. It isn’t until the events of our story that Poppy grows to accept her feminine side and learns to trust and love.

Noah Centineo as William Wilde

William is Connor’s brother. Raised just the same as his brother, William also was raised to be a hard worker and put family first. He is a natural born leader and often takes the lead in protecting his family and acting quickly and passionately to protect the ones he loves.

Maisie Williams as Amelia Wilde

Amelia is Connor and William’s younger sister. She is the sweet and docile one of the family. Always at the side of anyone in need or working out in the garden or tending to the animals.

Kathy Bates as Ms. Elizabeth

Ms. Elizabeth is the Matriarch of the Wilde Family. She is well versed and skilled in many, many things. When the epidemic came to the Wilde family’s little corner of the world, Ms. Elizabeth held the family together with her wealth of knowledge and industriousness.

Now if you read my book, you’ll notice that not all of these cast selections look exactly like how I wrote my characters, but they are pretty darn close. There also are many more characters in my novel I have not mentioned here. There are just so many! This blog post would take forever to read!

Let me know if you’ve read my book! I love to hear back from my readers!

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