One Year With Grove Collaborative

Over a year ago my husband and I decided to make the change towards using only non-toxic cleaners in our home. We decided this for two reasons. One, because it would help keep us healthy and cut down on our exposure to harmful chemicals, and two, it would help us prolong the life of our septic system at our house.

It is becoming more well known that modern society is exposed to many harmful chemicals. These chemicals are leading to the rise in various health conditions as well as infertility and environmental issues. As a couple who eventually want children, we decided to take steps now towards our health and home.

Our MAIN Reason We Went Non-Toxic

We live in the country, and like many families who live in the country we are dependent on well water as our water supply, and a septic system for our waste and sewage. A septic system works with two main components: a tank, and a drainage field. Sewage flows into the tank, from the house. Anything we flush or that goes down a drain goes into this tank. At the bottom of the tank sludge accumulates, in the middle is wastewater, and floating at the top is scum. The tank acts like a giant bowel. All that nasty sits there and good bacteria breaks down all the waste and eventually the wastewater flows out into the drainage field and back into the natural earth.

A basic diagram of a septic tank

To maintain optimal function of your septic, you need to make sure you’re not dumping harmful materials down your drains. It is important you maintain the correct balance of good, beneficial bacteria in your tank! Things like antibacterial soaps, and harsh chemicals cleaners and disinfectants kill not only bad bacteria, but good bacteria as well. This is why when you come to my home, you wont find a single bottle of antibacterial soap anywhere. We don’t want to mess with the delicate flora of our septic tank! Not to mention it costs a lot of money to have your tanks repaired or pumped if something goes wrong.

Not only do we not want to mess with the bacteria in our septic tank, but we also don’t want to harm the environment. All of our wastewater flows into the woods, and if there were chemicals in our wastewater then our beautiful trees will be drinking them right up! We don’t want that! So this is why we switched to all non-toxic household cleaning products. Grove helps make it easy and affordable!

Now To Grove

When we first joined Grove, I fully intended to maybe use them once or twice and then cancel. Most of their products at the time were available at my local big box retailer, but everyone was talking about Grove. So I caved into commercial marketing, and signed up. I quickly noticed that there was a price difference between Grove and my local store. Grove truly is cheaper! Also, I know that I am getting good, clean, non-toxic products.

Many companies are marketing their products as “green” or “clean” with misleading labels and catchy phrases on the bottles; which makes shopping confusing. Grove takes the guess work out of shopping, and makes it convenient to do so. Shopping on their website or app is very clear and easy to navigate. Shoppers regularly review the products they try. I know when I shop with Grove I shop with confidence.

Bottom Line…

Do I recommend Grove? Yes!!! You save a ton of money on clean non-toxic products, and Grove is making it easier and easier for you to access quality items. Whenever we get our Grove order, my Husband is actually the one who loves to open the box. He is always impressed with Grove’s quality and care for our items. Sometimes, whomever packs our box will leave us a little note or a doodle! That is always a pleasant surprise.

Around the time my membership was set to renew, a Grove customer service representative contacted me. She wanted to make sure I was fully utilizing my membership. She even let me know that a product I was regularly buying had multiple uses besides what I had been using it for! In addition to her letting me in on more cleaning secrets, she gave me some free floor cleaning product to try after learning that we have a Dog in the home!

The membership costs $19.99 a year, but you get your first 60 days for free and a free gift set. Also, periodically throughout the year they will send you some free gifts. You also get early access to cool, new, and exclusive products.

The membership works similar to a Wholesale Club membership, the $19.99 give you access to all the products at a wholesale or reduced price. This is what makes shopping on Grove cheaper than shopping at Target or Walmart.

Try Grove for yourself, click here

My Top 5 Favorite Grove Products

I keep a bottle of The Method Daily Shower Cleaner in our shower. This product smells amazing and leaves our bathroom smelling like a spa!!! By spraying this in our shower after we have bathed, it helps cut down on soap scum and hard water build up.

This is the only laundry detergent I use now. I also purchase the matching fabric softener and dryer sheets. This detergent is ultra concentrated and get’s our clothes smelling fresh and clean.

This toilet bowl cleaner is tough on grime and hard water stains. I like to let it soak in the bowl for a while while it does its magic on the hard water ring in my toilet bowls.

This spray is what I use to clean almost all the surfaces in my bathroom,. In fact it is an excellent tile floor cleaner and makes my bathroom floors look shiny and polished!

Grove recently started selling more than just cleaning products. You can get all sorts of clean and non-toxic products for personal use, such as makeup, skin care, pet care, and vitamins and supplements. I’ve talked about how we switched to Natural Family planning in a previous blog post. Grove now sells these non-toxic personal products!

*** This blog post was not sponsored by Grove Collaborative ***

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