Five Unconventional Wedding Registry Must Haves

Hello my lovelies! First of all I just wanted to say hi, it has been a while. The last time I “saw” you here on my blog, I was smack in the middle of my pregnancy. A lot has happened since, the biggest thing being that I had my baby! We welcomed a beautiful baby boy in the fall of 2021!

I have been posting more on places like Instagram and TikTok, but recently I feel inspired once again to take to my blog once more. I have matured a lot, and I feel like there is so much more I want to share with you.

The first being Five Unconventional Wedding Registry Must Haves.

My husband and I are now going into our seventh year of marriage, and when I look back at the fond memories of our engagement, creating a wedding registry and receiving generous gifts was such an exciting time. Now that we are in our seventh year, I do have some advice for the new soon to be bride!

There are some things we get very excited about when it comes to making our wedding registries. What will our color scheme for our home be? What brand of small appliances should we get? How many towels do we need? And so on and so forth….

There are, however, things that we do need that are not often thought about but are extremely important when it comes to the operation and safety of our homes. These things are often left out and forgotten about when it comes to creating a wedding registry. Well my dear friend, I am here to remind you and tell you about some thing you should really consider adding to your registry.

1. Spices and Seasonings

You can pretty much walk through Walmart or Target and scan whatever your heart desires to add to your registry. Soon, cooking and setting up your future kitchen will be an essential part of setting up home with your soon to be husband. Spices and seasonings are surprisingly expensive! What a neat gift it would be for someone to set up your spice cabinet for you!

2. Cleaning Products

Something else that might not be at the forefront of your mind when creating your wedding registry are cleaning products! Much like seasonings and spices, these products tend to add up quickly, and if you are setting up house for the first time, you might find yourself in shock in the cleaning aisle at how quickly these essential items add up! I remember leaving Walmart in tears and calling my husband after buying all of the things we needed for our home. The total at the register blindsided me, and I thought how wonderful it would have been to register for these things!

3. Tool Set

A dear family friend happened to think of this one and presented my husband with a full household tool set as a wedding gift. How wise that was! You never know what might break, or what picture needs to be hung, or what piece of furniture needs putting together. A handy tool set is always a great thing to have in any home!

4. First Aid Kit

No one goes into marriage thinking about injury or illness. So it is no surprise that this next item is often forgotten about. Cuts, scrapes, headaches, and fevers eventually do happen. And if you happened to have been gifted a tool set, you might eventually need a bandaid.

5. Fire Extinguisher

A few years ago, I accidentally set our oven on fire. Embarrassing I know. I actually caught it all on camera in this YouTube Video!! At the time we did not have a fire extinguisher in the house, and right after that experience, I ordered one. Accidents happen in the kitchen, and it would be wise to have an extinguisher and not need one than to need one and not have it!

Well my dear friends. I hope you enjoyed this new blog post after my long hiatus. More to come soon!



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