My Pregnancy Favorites

Now that I am settling into my second trimester, I thought I’d share with you all my top favorite items that I am using for Pregnancy.

1. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

I just recently started having hip discomfort while sleeping. I am also nearing a point in my pregnancy where it is no longer safe to sleep on my back. So after doing some research I decided on this particular pillow from Amazon. I chose the gray color which came with cooling technology since I am a hot sleeper. What attracted me to this pillow was the ability to wash the cover and that part of the pillow is detachable.

You can get yourself this pillow from this affiliate link

2. Mustela Maternity Stretch Mark Cream for Pregnancy

Taking care of my skin is something I am very passionate about. Before becoming a full time homemaker and occasional Birth Doula, I worked as a Licensed Esthetician. In fact I still keep up with my license in the state of Maryland.

What attracted me to this cream as well as this brand in particular is that it is made out of 97% natural ingredients, it is fragrance free, and it is a product of France. European cosmetics tend to be made of higher quality ingredients than American made products.

I use this cream only on my torso. So my stomach, chest, and just the tops of my hips. Pretty much all the areas that are currently growing!

You can purchase this cream from this affiliate’s link.

3.Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

After using the Mustela Stretch March Cream I seal in all that moisture with good old fashioned Bio-Oil. I was hesitant to use this oil at first because I typically do not like how oils feel on my skin. I am often left feeling sticky and greasy. This oil however does not make me feel that way.

This oil is a tried and true product for helping to prevent and ease stretch marks. I am so far happy to say that it is working well, and even has improved the texture and tone of my skin.

You can get your own bottle from this affiliate’s link.

4. Mary Ruth’s Organic Prenatal line

I am currently taking the Mary Ruth’s Liquid Multivitamin, Liquid Iron, and Liquid Omega-3. I was dealing with really, really bad “all day” sickness during my first trimester and it continued into my second. Since switching to this prenatal line, however, I noticed a significant decrease in my nausea, and an over all improvement in how I felt.

The liquid’s don’t taste the greatest, but, they are totally worth it. I have found that taking them in a shot glass followed by a “chaser” of orange juice really helps!

I am not affiliated with Mary Ruth’s, but you can order these products on their website.

5. MamaBar

Like I mentioned before, I was dealing with awful nausea during my first and part of my second trimester. I am still dealing with it some, but it is now managed with the help of medication and scheduling my meals accordingly.

These Mama Bar’s are really great to keep on hand for when I am out and about, or if I find myself suddenly hungry right before bed. These bars are packed with 12 grams of protein, extra iron, and Choline. All of which are beneficial for my growing baby, and changing body. These bars are also amazing if you are breastfeeding as well.

6. Seltzer Waters

I am a huge fan of spiked seltzers such as White Claw, High Noon, and Truly. However, during pregnancy I cannot have those beverages! So I have turned to regular seltzer waters.

I am still on a quest to find seltzers that have the same punch of flavor that Spiked Seltzer’s do, but so far I have discovered that the Trader Joe’s sparking beverages, specifically the Lemon and Elderflower Soda’s, taste the best.

I don’t have a link for this product, as I am still on my quest to find a favorite brand!

7. The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

Going back to skin care, I noticed that I was having some dark spots appear on my face. This can be normal in pregnancy and is sometimes referred to as “Pregnancy Mask”.

To treat this, I purchased The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension. Within a week most of the dark spots have subsided and my skin has this radiant glow that I’ve never been able to achieve before with other Vitamin C products. I was a huge fan of The Ordinary before, and now I am a die hard fanatic.

I am not affiliated with The Ordinary or Ulta, but you can get this product here.

8. Bottled Joy 32oz Water Bottle

I am sure we are all convinced that once we find that PERFECT water bottle, we will suddenly become avid water drinkers. At least that’s how I felt! Well I found my perfect water bottle. It’s a simple 32oz hard plastic bottle with time marker reminders on it! I don’t really stick to the time markers, but this bottle in general has helped me to step up my water game.

With summer coming on, it is especially important to stay hydrated as a Pregnant woman. So this water bottle goes everywhere I go!

You can purchase on here with this affiliate’s link.

9. Baby-Bump Headphones

At around 18 weeks of pregnancy, babies are able to hear in the womb! To help connect with our little one, we got these special speakers that stick to my belly.

It is so exciting and special to set aside some additional bonding time and to play our little one our favorite tunes. My husband especially loves playing “I Love” my Tom T Hall!

You can purchase these little speakers with this affiliate’s link

10. HelloFresh

With my nausea being so bad, cooking was impossible. Fortunately HelloFresh was there to help! We had already been long time HelloFresh customers, often times making a meal purchase every other week, or once a month, but once my nausea started, we lived off HelloFresh.

HelloFresh made it super simple and very easy for my husband to take over cooking and food management when I could not. With my Nausea greatly improved, I am now able to cook and HelloFresh still makes it super easy for me!

I wish I was sponsored by them, but I am not! You can make a purchase however with $40 off your first purchase by clicking this link!

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this little blog post!!!!



How to Become a Doula

Over the past year I have gained quite a following on TikTok! Over on TikTok I post a lot of Birth Doula related videos and content. In the year since I started posting I have received dozens upon dozens of Direct Messages and Emails from people inquiring about how to become a doula. So I thought I would make it easier for everyone and make a blog post everyone can refer to!

Where Do You Start?

Birth Doula’s aren’t a regulated profession in the United States. Doulas are NOT medical professionals. Doulas support families informationally, emotionally, and physically. Really… anyone can be a Doula… but should just anyone become a doula?


The recent COVID19 Pandemic has shown that there is a dire need for Doulas to be certified. Many hospitals are only allowing one support person plus a CERTIFIED Doula to accompany patients to Labor and Delivery. Why did hospitals start doing this?

Well… unfortunately since anyone can call themselves a Doula, people’s mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and best friends were trying to claim that they were Doulas just so they could be present for the birth. Due to these “Fake Doulas”, Hospitals closed their doors to ALL Doulas.

Fortunately, legitimate Doulas are being welcomed back into hospitals now, so long as they can show that they are Certified and operating a legitimate business.

So your first step would be to become certified.

How Do I Get A Certification?

By getting certified, you will be going through an in-depth training that will prepare you to help families and run your own business. There are dozens upon dozens of Certifying Organizations to choose from. You just have to select which Organization best fits your: 1. Personality. 2. Style and 3. How you intend to Doula.

The following organizations are whom I personally recommend you look into:

Personally, I took the training class through DONA and I am pursuing certification through Madriella. Why did I go this route? I chose this route because the training I received through DONA was very extensive and really prepared me on becoming a doula, however, maintaining a certification through DONA was not something that fit my business model. Instead, Madreilla’s certification better fit my business model.

Before choosing who to certify with, really read each organization’s code of conduct and ethics policy and ask yourself if those requirements fit your business model and how you see yourself Doula-ing. Also weigh the pros and cons of each organization. Some organizations, like Birth Bootcamp, will provide you with more business and marketing support to get your business off the ground!(TBH I hope to also certify with Birth Bootcamp one day.)

Once you have selected the organization that best fits you, sign up for their classes! Many are holding them online!!!

I hope this easy blog post helps you get started with your own Doula journey. I know many who will read this post are from far and wide. I wish I could help each and every one of you, but I cannot. The best thing for you to do is seek out a Doula in your own area who can help you best with what is going on in your own community!! You can find local doulas at

Best Wishes!

~ Victoria