Clean Your Dishwasher!!

Your dishwasher, it’s a staple in your kitchen, a must have in every modern kitchen. Day in and day out you load it up with your dirtiest dishes and day after day it leaves your dishes spotless. It’s cleans your dishes, but do you clean it? Keeping it clean can even help your dishwasher run more efficiently.

Over time grease, soap scum, and small food particles can build up in your dishwasher. This buildup just breeds bacteria and can lead to funky odors. Yuck!!!

What I do once a month is use a simple 3 ingredient recipe that leaves my dishwasher smelling and looking spotless.


1 cup of Vinegar

1 cup of Baking soda

10 drops of DōTERRA Purify Essential Oil Blend

Using a dishwasher safe vessel, fill the vessel with one cup of vinegar, and 10 drops of the Purify oil. Place the vinegar oil mix on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Next, sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda on the bottom of your dishwasher.

Finally, run your dishwasher like normal!!

Need to purchase some essential oils click Here!!!

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