Baby EE- The Days Before You Came

The days before you came were many; 284 days to be exact. For the first few of those days your mommy and daddy didn’t know if you would be coming or not, but soon enough they knew for sure. They wanted to try things a little differently once they knew you would be coming. You see, your Big Brother had taught them a lot, and they wanted to to implement some things they had learned so that your arrival would be a little easier. 

I met your mommy at a Starbucks near your house in Southern Maryland. It was a super cold day in December. Your mommy looked very pretty and very excited to meet me! I was going to be the person that would help them get ready for your arrival. Your mommy and I talked for a little bit about how they wanted you to come. We had tons of time between now and then, plenty of time to get ready. We were both so excited to meet you! 

A few weeks later I met your daddy. He was super excited that you were coming! He had questions and concerns about how you would get here. Would you be safe? Would your mommy be safe? Would he be safe? I was able to help answer all your mommy and daddy’s questions and continue to help them get ready for you to come.

One day, your mommy and daddy thought you might have decided to not come. They were very scared and very worried. They waited up for hours at the hospital to make sure you were still going to come. Sure enough, you decided that you still wanted to meet us, and we were even more excited!

The days quickly turned in to weeks and we knew for sure you would be coming at any moment! Your mommy and daddy took special classes to help them be able to get through your arrival. A very nice lady taught them all about breathing, relaxing, and by what route you would be coming. This made things so much easier for your mommy and daddy, they were now prepared and knew what to expect!

Spring time was very rainy while we were waiting for you. It seemed like it rained for an entire month! During that time we packed special bags for you, your mommy, and your daddy. These bags were filled with all sorts of goodies that would make sure you all were comfortable during your arrival. We also made sure your bedroom was nice and cozy for you!

One day, your mommy and I went to see one of the nice ladies who was going to help catch you once you arrived. She looked inside your mommy’s belly with a special camera. Inside you were all ready to go! You were nice and healthy and we thought for sure you would be with us within a matter of days! But we were wrong.

We waited, and waited, and waited some more. Your mommy and daddy tried all sorts of funny things to see if you would like to come. They tried some exercising. They tried walking. They tried driving over bumps. They tried eating spicy food. They even tried jumping up and down! 

One day though, your mommy felt this weird sensation. The sensation grew and grew and grew. You were coming! Off to the Birth Center your mommy and daddy went, with me driving not too far behind them! We had to be ready for your arrival.





Minutes turned into hours while we waited with anticipation. During that time we laughed, we rested, and we quietly whispered, hoping to help you come sooner. Finally, on the morning of July 4th, you came!!!!



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