Unlabeled… Worth It or Nah?


So I love to shop, in moderation of course. Last year I was growing very frustrated because I could not find clothes that fit my style and modesty standards. Most clothes on the market today are either too revealing, cheaply made, or too expensive. It was so frustrating.

In walked Unlabeled I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled across their page, maybe it was my phone listening in on my conversations. Ha ha. At first I was impressed with their Instagram page, and I was impressed with their selection of clothes they had to offer. Yet, I was still skeptical. I had had friends order clothes off Instagram boutiques, only to be left disappointed.

In the Fall of 2018 I took the leap. I desperately needed fall clothes, so I decided to make my first Unlabeled purchase. I’m the type of person who judges a website HARD. To me, I think how much a business puts into their online presence is important, and their website did not disappoint.



Their website is clean, seamless, and extremely easy to navigate.  I settled on a striped dress. I was impressed with the checkout process, I always love when online retailers offer Apple Pay as an option, I just feel like it makes the whole experience easier, especially if you shop like me: Early in the morning with your wallet and purse in another room!


Now that we live in the era of Amazon Prime, it almost gets frustrating when shipping takes more than a week, but Unlabeled’s orders come shockingly fast! So fast that when I ordered an outfit from another company, and it turned out to be nothing like I thought it would be; I trusted Unlabeled’s shipping to get me a new dress before the event I needed it for.

The quality of their clothes is also amazing! Sometimes I feel like I’m getting away with a steal when I see the quality of a dress compared to the low price that I paid!


I began to grow more and more impressed with Unlabeled. So do I recommend them? Are they worth it?




As I began to pay more attention to Unlabeled, and reach out to them via Instagram, I began to learn more about the company and the amazing couple behind the online boutique. Follow them on Instagram here!!!!!

Marc & Maggie are the owners of Unlabeled. They affectionally are often called M&M and have been married for six years, they are the cutest! They are originally from Florida, but the Christian Ministry work called them to Charlotte, North Carolina where they serve the Haitian Creole community. Like Jack and I, they are parents to one fur baby, named Bella!

It’s safe to say that I am fully addicted to Unlabeled, and you should be too! Anytime I need something new, I always check Unlabeled first! So the next time you need something new, check them out on their website https://gounlabeled.com/   and don’t forget to use coupon code: Victoria10 for 10% off your entire purchase!!!!

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