One Year Using Daysy

This blog post contains information concerning Women’s reproductive health. I am not a medical professional, please use this blog post as a customer review and personal testimony. I strongly encourage everyone to do their own research and education and to speak with a qualified medical professional to make an informed decision about their health choices

Last year I shared my experience as to why I stopped using hormonal birth control in This blog post. I also shared an initial review of the Daysy Fertility Tracker in This blog post. It has now been a whole year that I have been off Hormonal Birth Control (HBC) and practicing the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) with the Daysy. This is my one year update.

Do I still recommend Daysy?

YES. 1000 times yes! Daysy has completely changed my life when it comes to tracking my cycle and giving me control of what is going on with my body.

After tossing out my HBC and switching to Daysy I fell down a rabbit hole of learning more about HBC and what it exactly does to your body, how it works, and the often unspoken side effects of it. I even listened to the horror stories of some of my friends of how it affected them, or even how their doctor’s just prescribe it willy-nilly as a fix all for any and all female health issues.

I am just going to be bold and say it. HBC is both a blessing AND a curse for women. In my personal opinion the side effects I experienced just aren’t worth it. The way that it is prescribed to just about everyone in a frivolous manner is concerning. Not to mention the way that it is now advertised as a “one size fits all” mail order subscription advertised on social media, and directed towards young impressionable minds is also concerning; but that’s a soapbox for another day.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to completely bash HBC. HBC is useful, for some women it is medically needed, and for some couples it truly is the best form of contraception for their situation. I just feel that more research and deeper conversations need to be had before making the decision as to what kind of HBC one might want to use.

What is it like using Daysy?

It’s quite simple really, I did talk about it in depth in my previous Blog post. I wake up after sleeping solid for at least 3 hours; without getting out of bed or sitting up, I take my temperature in my mouth with the Daysy, and I go back to sleep. When I wake up for the day I sync the Daysy to my phone and record my temperature for the day on a Fertility Chart.

Now there are some in the FAM community who really… and I mean really, don’t like the Daysy. I have had my head handed to me several times in various FAM facebook groups over how “dangerous” Daysy is and that I “wasted” my money. After talking in a civilized manner to some of the women that don’t like the Daysy, I learned that most people who are of their opinion are just misinformed as to how Daysy works.

In a nutshell, Daysy is like a GPS system in your car. The lights and app that come with Daysy help you navigate your cycle, the predictions that the app gives you act as a guide. When you’re driving in a vehicle with a GPS you obviously still have to drive safely, use your turn signals, and slow down and check if it is safe to make a traffic maneuver. It would be foolish to just SLAM on the brakes and fly out into traffic just because your GPS said “Turn right”. No. You have to assess your surroundings to make sure it is truly safe. That is how Daysy works. The lights, and predictions you get from Daysy are just guides, it is up to you the user to determine if it is truly safe to “go”… if you know what I mean.

Who is a good candidate for using Daysy?

If you are a married woman in a safe, monogamous marriage, and you are willing to put in the time and effort to educate yourself as to how Daysy works and the different ways to practice FAM, then Daysy might be for you. The Daysy website is a great resource when it comes to answering many commonly asked questions.

When we do decide to have children, can Daysy help me conceive?

We are not currently using Daysy for that purpose, but yes. FAM is actually recommended to women who want to start trying for a baby. You can use FAM to avoid pregnancy, but you can also use FAM to know when it is your ideal time to try for a baby. If you are currently in the boat of wanting to try for a baby, you don’t need to purchase the Daysy, instead you can purchase for yourself an inexpensive BBT thermometer (it MUST be a BBT Thermometer) and use the free version of the Kindara App.

What Resources are out there If I want to learn more about FAM?

The Daysy Website

Taking Charge of Your Fertility Book

Beyond The Pill Book

A FAM related Blog

Awakening Fertility

What if I can’t sleep solid through the night? Can I still practice FAM?

There is another device that is specifically for that!

The TempDrop

Well my dear friends, I hope you found this blog posts, and my previous posts about this same topic to be helpful!

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