Modest, Affordable Housedresses for The Classic Woman

Southern Living Magazine recently wrote an article online titled: “The Housedress is Officially Back, and We Are Here For It.” I was quite tickled to see the article and see it making the rounds though the online homemaking community.

I personally have been wearing pants less and less nowadays. I just find jeans and pants to be uncomfortable. It seems to be that no matter what I try and do, nothing ever seems to be the correct size. I’ll buy one size and it’s too big, and I’ll go one size down and it fits just a bit too snugly. I’ve all together gotten fed up with my hips and thighs being restricted. I’ve also grown tired of trying to decide what to match with what every morning. A sentiment shared with the author of the article.

The article points out the many benefits of wearing dresses over athletic wear. 1. Dresses can be made out of natural fibers where athletic wear often times is not. 2. Athletic wear can often times look too casual and even… in my opinion: sloppy. And 3: more freedom of movement.

The article was great. I appreciated it. I even appreciated seeing all the other homemakers and ladies of the online Homemaking and Femininity communities sharing their housedresses. The writer of the Southern Living article even put together a recommendation list of 20 dresses she recommended.

Of the twenty dresses that were recommended, only 3 were under $50. In fact, most of the dresses were close to, if not more than, $100. I am sure there are many other homemakers and single income families who would agree that those price tags are a bit much.

So I have compiled a list of 10 housedresses under $50 as well as the links where you can get them.

Joyful Days Maxi Floral Dress

Floral Party Midi Dress

Katelyn Tassel Midi Dress
My Style Polka Dot Midi Dress
Such A Cutie Ditsy Dress
Madalyn Floral Maxi Dress
Luna Floral Wrap Dress
Just Spotted Red Polka Dot Dress
Boho Blooms Midi Dress
Mariana Daisy Midi Dress

**** Links included are affiliate links***

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Looking for more dress options? Click here!

3 responses to “Modest, Affordable Housedresses for The Classic Woman”

  1. Hi! I think so many of these are cute but I live somewhere that gets upwards of 110 degrees in the summer. I also cannot stand seams around my midsection and I don’t wear light/bright colors (I live in black, olive, gray, burgundy and navy with a few pops of color.). I have been currently living in a cami top maxi I purchased because it gets sooo hot. (Literally, sleeves are evil in our summers.) Any suggestions? Even if it’s not Classy Loft? (Oh and bonus if it’s loose and kinda stretchy cuz hubby and I are trying to start a family… 😉


    • Hi! Thanks for commenting! I just compiled my current favorite top ten right now from ClassyLoft but they have a ton more to choose from. I’ve also been finding great success on Amazon finding cheap cotton dresses! I can compile a list of those for another post. 😀


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