I Wrote a Novel

It was 2010, I was in the tenth grade. We were sitting in a second story classroom in a school built in the 1950s. There was no air conditioning of any kind and we were only a few weeks away from ending the school year.

The class was History, the topic of discussion was: The Black Plague. We finished our discussion for the day and we had to finish off some paperwork. I finished mine well before anyone else and I got to thinking. What would happen if a plague happened today in modern times? Where would it come from?

Thus my idea for my novel was born.

It took me numerous drafts of the story to finally find one that stuck. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I found the source of my fictional plague. Let’s just say we were learning about government corruption and the joke that is the American food system.

It was years of writing, rewriting, and editing until finally I had something I was happy with. I decided to self publish since that was the easiest and most cost effective route for me.

Wildflowers was born and alive

When people ask me what my book is about I always get a bit embarrassed. It’s almost impossible for me to describe my book without giving the whole story away, and I feel stupid just saying: “oh it’s about a modern day plague”.

So if you’re wondering what it’s about here is my small synopsis:

“An epidemic has broken out. The disease spreads faster than wildfire, and leaves nothing but destruction in it’s path. Society is in an uproar, with the human population dwindling, what remains of the government acts to keep what is left of society alive. Silence sets in, enveloping every town, city, and village. In the large city of Baltimore, Mona Lancaster faces loneliness, isolation, starvation, and disease every single day. With little hope, her chances of survival seem very low. She reaches her lowest points of survival on more than one occasion. With the help of a beloved friend, Mona works to survive. Her decisions bring her to a sanctuary where she has the chance to live, survive, and thrive. Yet, there are so many questions to be answered.”

Interested in my book?

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